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quipinicioort is an experimental Didone typeface with a modern twist, inspired in the well known forms of typography masters such as Bodoni and Didot and the exuberance and elegance of calligraphy typefaces.

Port melts the straight lines and strong contrasts of the Didone typefaces with the elegant lines of calligraphy in a geometric way, resulting in exuberant characters with geometric swashes that can be combined in countless ways.

The result of this experiment is Port, an unique and rich display typeface meant to be used on big sizes and it's main perk is the amount of alternative characters it features. Port is Open-Type programmed and includes hundreds of alternates, from swashes to titling alternates, ligatures and stylistic sets with each character having a thin version of itself, giving complete freedom to all your creative needs.

Port is available in several flavours: Port Regular, being the base version and featuring the whole base character set; Port Regular Decorated, featuring richer forms and containing more ornamentated and more extravagant characters; Port Medium and Port Medium Regular, designed for the occasions you need a bit more thickness and the decoration variants: Port Ornaments, containing a wide set of elements meant for the creation of fillets, vignettes and fleurons, resulting in an almost infinite number of possible combinations to embellish your designs and Port Words, a set of some of the most common words used in English, Spanish, French, German, Italian and Portuguese.

It's strongly recommended that you use it on big sizes, for better performance you can also set the Photoshop text anti aliasing settings to Strong when you type, for a better understanding of all the uses of Port and the full character list I recommend the reading of the manual.

A detailed guided tour is available here.

"This brand-new experimental didone is totally awesome and also completely twisted. Great stuff from Portuguese designer João Oliveira!"
— MyFonts


For a limited time you can buy the whole Port family at my website and get Bohema family as a bonus for free, saving $90.
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Port is also available at HypeForType and MyFonts:
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Scrabble Typography 2nd Edition by Andrew Capener


















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All the Lights

Logo design for Ministry of Sound 'All The Lights' album, album artwork by Justin Maller.

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João Pé De Feijão

Merchandising developed around the "Jack and the Beanstalk" tale and made through a college project, the briefing asked us to use this tale and create a set of merchandising items.
My objective was to design a product based on the tale with the product being 5 magic beans, a wide range of merchandising was created to support the product, including the packaging and a set of mail stamps.
The main package includes the vase, the magic beans and the instructions.


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Quebra Ruas

'Quebra Ruas' is a board game designed as a part of a social project related to the improvement of seniors activities through games, the usage of big solid blocks as the game pieces instead of  cards and a city layout, easily recognisable by the seniors, instead of a fantasy themed one reflects the physical and mental needs of the seniors.

Developed for 'Experimenta Design' - 'Action For Age' contest as part of an academic project.

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Gothic modular typeface, download it here.
Thanks to Eurico for converting it to OTF format!

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XL vs XS

XL Pencil vs XS Pencil
The objective of this project was to create 4 pairs of pencils that would resemble something XL and XS, be it through graphic patterns or modeling of the pencil itself.

More images at Behance.

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Tenny Ten

ZY Records commissioned me to develop a cover with a focus on the "Powerful & Modern" keywords and the triangle shape for the British rapper Tenny Ten aka 10Shott latest single.

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Dicionário das Ideias Feitas

Redesign of Gustave Flaubert's book "Dictionary of Received Ideas".

My objective was to keep the classical style while giving it a modern design at the same time, mixing the old with the new and retaining the coherent layout.