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João Pé De Feijão

Merchandising developed around the "Jack and the Beanstalk" tale and made through a college project, the briefing asked us to use this tale and create a set of merchandising items.
My objective was to design a product based on the tale with the product being 5 magic beans, a wide range of merchandising was created to support the product, including the packaging and a set of mail stamps.
The main package includes the vase, the magic beans and the instructions.


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Água das Pedras

Entry for 'Água das Pedras' label contest, the briefing asked for a fresh, trendy and urban label, celebrating the 140th anniversary of the company.

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Quebra Ruas

'Quebra Ruas' is a board game designed as a part of a social project related to the improvement of seniors activities through games, the usage of big solid blocks as the game pieces instead of  cards and a city layout, easily recognisable by the seniors, instead of a fantasy themed one reflects the physical and mental needs of the seniors.

Developed for 'Experimenta Design' - 'Action For Age' contest as part of an academic project.