During 2014 I've been collaborating with Sanitana, a Portuguese toilet products company, and been responsible for the production of a series of print pieces.
Sanitana a company very proud of their work, of their workers, of their products and of the compexity and hard work required to create their products, such passion is expressed on their 'Improving Simplicity' tagline so my main focus, as a creative, was to aim my creative thinking into that tagline, embracing and empowering it.


The main challenge was to think about a smart approach that would fulfill three objectives:

— Turn the complex and meticulous production process of both products into something legible, attractive and interesting to the viewer
— Respect the brand guidelines, Sanitana is all about simplicity, soberness and cleaness
— Be loyal to their 'Improving Simplicity' tagline, embracing and empowering it

Sanitana wanted me to produce two pieces illustrating the complex manufacturing process behind such apparently simple objects, empowering their 'Improving Simplicity' tagline.

For such effect I thought about transforming the product in the factory itself, illustrating the complexity behind the simplicity, which became the concept for this project. Each factory is divided in various levels, each representing a different production process, from the raw material processing on the top to the quality tests, assembling and dispatch at the bottom.

An extra illustration was also produced for Sanitana's festive season, used as the company Christmas postcard and on social media platforms.